Real-Time Current Monitor with USB

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Real-Time Current Monitor with USB
Real-Time Current Monitor with USB
Real-Time Current Monitor with USB
Real-Time Current Monitor with USB
Real-Time Current Monitor with USB

Designed for developers of low-power and embedded systems, the Real-Time Current Monitor provides a graphical display of the current consumption of any system. Observe the behavior of your system as it comes out of a low-power sleep state of a few microamps and transitions through several power modes of various levels before returning to sleep. A single screen capture from the oscilloscope and/or a CSV data log file and you’ve just documented the complete power profile of your system.


6 Decades of Current Range: 1 uA - 1 A
No Range-Switching Interruptions or Delays
Wide System Voltage Range 1.5V - 8V
USB interface for calibration, control, and data logging
Affordable for any Lab
View Current Graphically in Real-Time on any Oscilloscope

The ee203 can be used as a standalone instrument, or with the USB port for increased functionality and ease of use.


  • Robust inputs can withstand up to 12V and are fused against accidental shorting.
  • Power is computed in real-time as a function
    of input voltage x current.
  • Current and power are continuously
  • Current, voltage and power along with
    integrated current and power are sampled
    and can be recorded in Excel CSV format
    through the USB interface.
  • Unit can be floated from ground if powered
    by a laptop or battery USB pack.
  • Linear and logarithmic display modes.
  • Unit self-calibrates for improved accuracy.

A low-cost demo board (ee1201 Demo Board) is available to verify correct behavior and demonstrate the operation of the Real-Time Current Monitor. It connects directly to the binding posts and provides a quick and easy method of exploring a wide range of current consumption profiles. The ee1205 Precision Current Source in the same form-factor sources current to within +/- 2% and provides a great benchmark to give you confidence in your readings.