ee203 Debug Commands

There are two sets of menus accessable to the user in the ee203, the command menu that you see when you run the application, and a second debug menu that is useful for troubleshooting or just entertainment.

When you are in the normal command menu, the prompt is


To toggle between menus, enter the [M] command. The prompt for the debug menu is


[H] will give you the monitor help with a list of available commands:

[C]ur Src is the most useful debug command. This allows you to directly control the internal current sources used for self-calibration. There are three current values - 100 mA, 1 mA, and 10 uA selected with H, M, and L respectively. The 100 mA current source will only stay on for 10 seconds, the other two will stay on as long as you want. C O will turn the current sources Off. Be sure to turn them off before taking measurements or the current will add to the measured DUT current.

 [R]ange may also be useful if you are measuring a signal that is changing rapidly around 1 mA. You may see range switching artifacts around 1 mA and you can eliminate those by moving the range switching point or fixing the range to HI or LO. Remember to change the range back to AUTO and the threshold back to 3000 mV when you are done to restore normal operation.

[A]DC displays the raw values of some internally sampled nodes.

[I]nstrumentation, [P]rofile, [T]ask List, and [V]iew Core Dump are all for software analysis and debugging.

[N]V Calibration Constants displays the parameters stored from the last calibration operation, as well as the number of times the unit has been calibrated.

Other than [C] which is a nice sanity check to make sure things are working, none of the debug commands are very useful for normal operation, but since they are accessable I thought I might as well explain them.


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